Women of Distinction Awards

June 18, 2016 @ Genesee Community College

YWCA of Genesee County Vision Statement

“To implement sustainable programs that foster healthy, balanced living for women and families”

Co-Op gift shop where everything is made by the Artisan’s hand.

Boutique Style second hand clothing and accessories for women and children.

Healthy Relationships

Teen dating violence is not just physical abuse, it includes emotional, verbal, psychological, social and economic means of control, intimidation and power exerted by one person over another.

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What’s in a Salad?

Memorial Day has traditionally been reserved for parades and honoring veterans that have served our country. It often also includes picnics and gatherings for family and friends. Sherri’s Food for Thought May cooking class will feature yummy salads you can...

Ready to Make Some Dough?

THERE MAY BE NOTHING more satisfying than plunging your hands into soft pliable dough, knead and push it to a smooth consistency and then get a whiff of that aroma as it eventually bakes in the oven. Can you smell the crusty, whole-grain goodness? Chef Sherri Siena of...

You’re gonna make it after all …

March is Women’s History Month, so we are giving a nod to Mary Tyler Moore’s TV character Mary Richards, a single working woman in her 30s who wasn’t desperate to settle down with a man. Airing in the 1970s, it offered American women a much-needed...