When the organizers of our new Care & Crisis Helpline officially opened the service on January 1, their goals were admittedly modest. Figuring about one call a day, minus weekends, they hoped to receive at least 300 calls within the Helpline’s first year.

It has been just two weeks in, and more than 306 calls have been received! People have called with concerns about loved ones, friends or themselves. Issues have ranged from someone being depressed or suicidal to parents getting a diagnosis of cancer for their young child. Lonely, distraught, worried or otherwise anxious folks have taken the brave steps to reach out for help. Our trained listeners do not judge or blame or do anything other than listen if that’s what is needed. They can also make referrals when needed, or simply let the caller know that they care. Because they genuinely do. And that’s what makes the Care & Crisis Helpline so successful already in such a short time.

It’s free and confidential 24/7. Give us a call at the toll-free line: (844) 345-4400 or at (585) 344-4400.