If you have seen the national “No More” commercials, you may have wondered just what is the famous actress or sports star trying to convey? Yes, it’s about domestic violence, and they want to see it come to an end. But amidst the tears and stammering of lines due to heavy emotion, what are they really trying to say? The campaign is “No More,” and most of us probably get that it means no more violence. But … then what? In order to stop something, you need to have a back-up plan, something else to turn to.

So our local campaign focuses on saying “YES” to kindness. And saying YES to domestic violence services, advocates, law enforcement, the legal system, mentors and a better way of life for victims. As our staff develops the YES program (You Engaging Success), we are ever mindful that it’s about taking that step beyond the violence and misery toward … hope.

This program is new for 2015, and we are excited to have an extended path for victims to take once they reach us. Up to now, staff has offered effective responses to the crisis at hand to ensure that the victim is safe. Now we will continue that walk so that victims can obtain the necessary physical, mental, emotional, financial, professional and spiritual foundations to be successful.

You can say “No More” to the ugliness that’s in the world, and we would agree. But let’s also move forward by offering the hope, inspiration and tools necessary to help victims go from crisis to calm.

May everyone have a Happy, Healthy & Peaceful New Year filled with Kindness!