Wholesome Food for Thought

Our latest entity, Sherri’s Food for Thought, will be offering some fun classes starting in 2015. The second Thursday of every month will feature a particular theme or focus. Our January 8 class will be just in time for the Super Bowl with Festive Finger Foods! And on February 12, you will learn how to make scrumptious chocolate (but good-for-you) treats for Valentine’s Day.

But hold the spatula for a moment, who is this Sherri? She is former radio talk show host and Chef/Certified Nutrition Counselor Sherri Watters-Siena of Batavia. A former Ding Dongs addict, Sherri had an entire food conversion some years ago, and it led to her belief that food really affects the body, mind and spirit! Come and take a class to learn more about how using whole, natural ingredients can make a difference in good physical and mental health.

To register or for more information, call us at (585) 343-5808.