Year End Appeal

Mary came to us two years ago with bruises on her face and a wounded spirit. She had been punched and choked by her spouse. Mary needed help with filing an Order of Protection and obtaining child custody. She also needed to relocate. That meant uprooting the lives of... read more

Feeding Body & Soul: an owner’s manual

Has the stress already set in about upcoming holidays, with gifts to buy, food to make, people to invite? Take a deep breath and allow yourself some “me time” to get tips on how to deal with life through wholesome nutrition and soulful living! The program... read more

Come and walk with Steve Tasker!

Why is YWCA of Genesee County hosting former Buffalo Bills player Steve Tasker for our annual Stiletto & Sneaker Walk? As an integral (former) member of the Bills’ special teams, Steve fits in perfectly with YW’s own special team that deals with... read more

Special Teams @ YWCA

YWCA of Genesee County can’t get its work done without the special staff dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. But this year there’s another special team player set to join us for the annual Stiletto & Sneaker Walk. Former Buffalo Bills... read more


Purple is the signature color for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. The YWCA of Genesee County has proclaimed the first Thursday of the month as Healthy Relationships Day and, as a result,is planning a series of events to happen on this day. That includes... read more

What’s in a Salad?

Memorial Day has traditionally been reserved for parades and honoring veterans that have served our country. It often also includes picnics and gatherings for family and friends. Sherri’s Food for Thought May cooking class will feature yummy salads you can... read more

Using Our Noodles

As temperatures barely hover at 20-degrees outside, who couldn’t use some warm comfort foods that are made with wholesome ingredients and taste delicious? Chef Sherri Siena will teach you how to make your own vegetable-based pastas, including spinach noodles for... read more

306 and counting …

When the organizers of our new Care & Crisis Helpline officially opened the service on January 1, their goals were admittedly modest. Figuring about one call a day, minus weekends, they hoped to receive at least 300 calls within the Helpline’s first year. It... read more

We Heart Chocolate!

Sherri’s Food for Thought is stocking up on lots of Ghirardelli chocolates to make truffles drizzled in white chocolate and strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. Why that particular brand? Because it has a higher concentration of cocoa, making everything THAT... read more

No More … What?

If you have seen the national “No More” commercials, you may have wondered just what is the famous actress or sports star trying to convey? Yes, it’s about domestic violence, and they want to see it come to an end. But amidst the tears and stammering... read more

Wholesome Food for Thought

Our latest entity, Sherri’s Food for Thought, will be offering some fun classes starting in 2015. The second Thursday of every month will feature a particular theme or focus. Our January 8 class will be just in time for the Super Bowl with Festive Finger Foods!... read more

Shopping Saturday!

First there was Black Friday, followed by Small Business Saturday and then Cyber Monday. Today is Giving Tuesday, which should be followed by Weeping Wednesday (after all of that spending)! Since we are only into the second day of December, it’s likely... read more

Some Food for Thought …

Who doesn’t have a thought or two about food? Some are good, some are bad, and others get very, very ugly. Diets, restrictions, the latest fad and obsessions can wreak complete havoc on a perfectly fine plate of food. What’s the trend of the day? Is it... read more

It’s My Party and I’ll …

… wear a garden hat if I want to! Yes, it’s the first-ever Garden Hat Contest to debut at “A Garden Party: Celebrating YWCA’s Fabulous Females and Friends of Batavia Peace Garden.” It will be a fun, festive and flower-filled event on... read more

Treasures, Peaches, Song

There’s a lot happening at YWCA in Batavia these days. We are still accepting your gently used household, clothing and sporting good items for the March Madness Blow-out Sale! It’s set for Saturday, March 29 from 9 to 4. Please help turn your used goods... read more

Yes, Spring is Coming!

Do you need a little help to get your garden in bloom? Our YES! Cafe will feature “Spring Gardening” tips from Master Gardener Garry Stone and Wally Guenther, an avid gardener with a yard full of flowers, veggies and a water fountain. Lunch will be a... read more

A Fabulous Time

YWCA has teamed up with Friends of Batavia Peace Garden for “A Garden Party” this year! It will replace YW’s annual Fabulous Females lunch with an evening event of dinner, music, awards, a garden hat contest and lots of FUN! Steve Hawley will serve... read more

Ready For a Little Sugar?

We are getting ready for a treat-filled YES! Cafe in December. Think: cookies, baked goods and confections! They’ll be up for bid at a fun food auction and available for purchase so you are well prepared for your own holiday traditions or to use as sweet gifts.... read more